Miss Rodeo Utah

Miss Rodeo Utah is a proud part of the Ogden Pioneer Days Foundation and symbolizes the young women of Utah who want to promote the sport of rodeo, which stands for family, hard work, values and commitment. She represents Utah at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant and travels throughout Utah, appearing at rodeos and western-oriented events. To learn more about Miss Rodeo Utah, the pageant, and our current and past queens – or to fill out an application – please visit MissRodeoUtah.org.

Kassadee Jo Jones

Our 2020/21 Miss Rodeo Utah

Kassadee Jo Jones, a triplet hailing from Lehi, is the first Miss Rodeo Utah to have donned the iconic crown and sash for two years in a row while representing the great beehive state. She has visited rodeos, elementary schools, high schools, and community events across Utah promoting her personal platform “Bee Kind” and encouraging those around her to spread kindness.

Kassadee started rodeo queening at the age of 14 in the Utah High School Rodeo Association and went on to compete in many local and regional rodeo queen contests, winning multiple titles. She also had the prestigious opportunity to carry sponsor flags for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for three years. According to Kassadee, promoting the unique western heritage of the American people is the best part of her job as Miss Rodeo Utah.

Prior to her time in the arena, Kassadee graduated from Mountainland Applied Technology College where she earned her license as a nail technician. She also owned a cupcake business in high school and plans to continue her education as a veterinary technician. As an active member of the FFA in high school, Kassadee learned about the importance of the agricultural industry and uses her knowledge to promote agricultural learning within the community.

When not in the rodeo arena, Kassadee can be found country swing dancing, baking or playing pickleball.

She will represent Utah in the Miss Rodeo America pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 2021.

“There are more than 30 state rodeo queen titles and over 5,000 titles in America. With that statistic in mind, the question is posed: ‘What makes Miss Rodeo Utah so special?’  The reason I want to be Miss Rodeo Utah is to showcase the communities across Utah. Utah’s nickname is the Beehive State, and this is perhaps the best description of what sets it apart. It signifies the hard work and unity of its citizens. Utah is a people state that focuses on strengthening the relationship and harmony of all who reside within its borders. Rodeo is a sport that unites people and communities by building traditions and celebrating our western way of life. I want to follow in the footsteps of Utah’s former Miss Rodeos who have continually built upon the tradition of rodeo and demonstrated to everyone the difference one person can make. No matter how many arenas I may ride in or how many little girls ask for my autograph, I hope that I will always be able to showcase that rodeo is more than just a sport. It is a tradition, and that above all, people matter, which is what Miss Rodeo Utah truly exemplifies.”

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