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A message from Mayor Nadolski

Welcome, Rodeo Fans!I want to personally welcome you to the Annual Ogden Pioneer Days celebration in beautiful downtown Ogden and extend my best wishes to you and your family as we celebrate our pioneer heritage. The Ogden Pioneer Days Committee does amazing work year after year and that is why the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) ranked Pioneer Days Rodeo as

“One of the Top Five Large Outdoor Rodeos in the Country.”

After recently celebrating the 150-year anniversary of the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad in Ogden, there has been a special appreciation for history and the lasting foundations that have made this community what it is today. With the rodeo coming upon this milestone, there isn’t enough that can be said about the events that have led up to decades of Western-culture celebrated in our City and diverse families coming together every summer to spend time at this gathering.

The people that have founded and thrive in our town are true to their roots, and we hope our “Still Untamed” tagline rings true to your Ogden experience. The Pioneer Days schedule of events is flush with activity, and Ogden has you covered on the outside if you chose to explore our notoriously independent and award-winning owner-operated restaurants, shops, and galleries downtown. There are indoor adrenaline-fueled thrills near The Junction, and low-key relaxation opportunities in our foothills and river parkway corridor offer numerous trail systems with rewarding views.

Initially founded as a railroad town and major hub of commerce, Ogden has a rich history of being a bit rough and tumble. We embrace that colorful history, but I’m confident that now you’ll find the Ogden environment invigorating and inspiring with friendly, outgoing residents who are passionate about their hometown.

The athletes and entertainers are ready, the stadium seating has been upgraded and the City is ready to host Utah’s biggest and best statehood celebration.

Saddle up, let’s Rodeo!


Ben Nadolski
Mayor of Ogden

Special Thanks to our esteemed mayor + the entire Ogden City Council

Ben Nadolski


Luis Lopez

Vice Chair

Bart Blair

Council Member

Angela Choberka

Council Member

Richard Hyer

Council Member

Ken Richey

Council Member

Marcia L. White

Council Member

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