Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

The Daughters of Utah Pioneers was organized solely for historical, educational, and public purposes and is completely non-political and non-sectarian. It is dedicated to perpetuating the names and achievements of those men, women, and children who founded Utah. They seek to encompass a broad scope of services ranging from the preservation of historic landmarks to the education of thousands of school children and other citizens about their pioneer forebears. Join us in welcoming this year’s queen and attendants for the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

Darlene Stoddard

Carolie Bolingbroke

Carolie Bolingbroke is from the Weber North Center Company, Camp North Fort. Carolie is 87 years young and was born to G. Howard and Cora Nielsen Neal in Malad, Idaho. She married Chester Leu Bolingbroke on December 29, 1952. Carolie and Chester had 5 children, 26 grandkids, and 60 great grandkids. She was a big support to her family. Carolie has been a member of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers for 20 years. Her authorized pioneer ancestor is Moses Fort. She was actively involved in DUP and has held the position of Camp Captain for 14 years and Secretary for the Camp Board. She has been active in the community as well. She has served in the PTA as President, Ogden High School Media Secretary for 17 years, Ogden School Specialist, and Triple Trio Singing Group. She held mass meetings in her home and was the Registrar for the Republican Party and is a Delegate at Convention now. Caroline has held many LDS Church callings including Young Women’s and received a special award for 35 years of support, Relief Society and Primary President, She also supported her husband while he was the Bishop.

Noreen Larkin


Noreen Larkin is from the Weber Roy Company, Camp Polly Hammon. Noreen is 79 years young and was born to George LeRoy and Lillian Barrus Melva Hodson in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Noreen graduated from USU with a dietetic internship. She also worked for a while as a dietitian.

She married George Eugene Larkin on Oct. 14, 1966. Noreen and George had 6 children, 25 grandkids and 4 great grandkids.

Noreen has been a member of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers for 19 years. Her authorized pioneer ancestors are Jonathan Harriman Hale, Edward Hunter Herman Hyde, Emery Barrus Philo Dibble, William Waddoups, and Danial Clard.is Rachael Cook.

Noreen has been actively involved in DUP and has held the position of camp captain, music leader, and registrar for both camp and company.

She has been active in the community, as well. She has served in the PTA, 4-H leader, Republican Party Precinct Vise Chair, and helped with voting.

Noreen server a mission in Berlin, Germany prior to her marriage and has held many otherchurch callings including Teacher, Family History Consultant, Relief Society President, Senior Couple Ogden, Utah Mission, Ward Missionary, and Stake Missionary.

Noreen spent most of her married life as a stay-at\-home mom. She helped raise two grandchildren rather that have them put in foster care. She loves to garden and can fruits and vegetables. She also enjoys reading histories and biographies.

Darlene Stoddard


Darlene Stoddard is from the Weber Farr South Company, Camp Oakwood. Noreen is 86 years young and was born to David Glenn Bert and Grace Bertha Bowe in Brigham City. Darleen married William Junior Stoddard on Sept. 16, 1953. Darlene and William had 6 children, 16 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren. Darleen has been a member of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers for 41 years. Her authorized pioneer ancestor was Fredrick James Graham.

Darlene moved into her present home as a bride and never left. She has lived in her home for 65 years alone. However, as more neighbors moved into the area she could walk and visited with them. She pumped good water from the springs until Weber County brought the water to the city. Darlene has been actively involved in DUP and has held the position of camp captain, vice-captain, and secretary for eight years. Darlene has server as Primary President, Counselor in Relief Society twice, Chorister in Primary, Relief Society, and Sacrament meetings, Lesson Leader, Sunday School Teacher, played the piano in Sacrament and Junior Sunday School.

Norma Rae Jensen


Norma Rae Jensen Porter is from the Weber South Company, Camp Mount Fort. Norma is 87 years young and was born to Nilsen Neal Melva Hodson Jensen and Joseph Ray Jensen in Provo. She married James H. Porter (Jim) on Aug. 4, 1956. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary before he passed away in 2006. Norma is the proud mother of three sons and a daughter. She has 14 grandkids and nine great grandkids. Norma joined the Daughters of Utah Pioneers 20 years ago in 1999 through her direct line ancestor Amelia Ann Singleton. Upon joining she became Camp Beehives secretary/treasurer and has remained in that position for 19 years. Norma and her husband Jim were avid Square Dancers. Together they served in many positions with The Northern Utah Square Dancers including President and 2nd Vice President. They were Chairmen for the 40th Square Dancers Nationals at the Delta Center and were in charge of blood drives and other charity events in relation to Square Dancing. Norma has held many Church callings including Primary President, Young Women’s President, Relief Society 2nd Councilor and being on the Stake Primary Board serving as 2nd Councilor. She has served in the Primary for over 38 years and is still currently active there.

Florence Nichols


Florence Farr Nichols was born in Ogden, Utah to Florence Dinsdale and Merlin Fife Farr. She married Kent C. Nichols and has five children, 14 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren. She joined DUP in 1967 and is a member of the College Heights Camp in the Weber Far South Center Company. She is an ancestor of Lorin Farr, Ogden’s first mayor. She has been a camp captain several times, Vice-Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Pianist, Parliamentarian, Outreach committee, and on the Company Board several times. Florence has served our community as a volunteer at McKay-Dee Hospital for 9 1/2 years, Junior League of Ogden, and Storytelling Festival volunteer many times. She has served in the Relief Society Presidency many times, Young Women’s President and other positions for years, Sunday School Secretary, Activities Chairman, Primary counselor, teacher and organist, and Missionary plaques. She is involved with her grandchildren and their activities